Virtually Go to the Beach with amid coronavirus outbreak

Thanks to the development of the internet as well as the better technical platform, every player can have various options to enjoy games with friends. However, diversity can make many gamers confuse to choose the best one for their entertainment. That is the reason why we suggest you play It is one of the most popular games in the market. This game is an excellent way to waste a little your time. Don’t think much, play it now!. Overview is a fun and engaging online game, which is suitable for playing on the browser with the support of a keyboard and mouse. This is an excellent combination for the best gaming experience. Keeping the arena-style enables players to act like a child. At first, it seems to be odd, but this game is suited for all ages and regardless of gender.

In this game, you are a lovely kid walking around the beach with a diaper and throwing beach balls at the other players to make sandcastles. You probably remember the game of building sandcastles every time you go to the beach. This game promises to bring those beautiful memories to you. As you progress, you will be able to exchange sweets and ice cream. One thing you should notice is that the fierce sharks are trying to attack you, so be careful when deciding to go down. We appreciate how developers make this scenario. is deserved to be one of the ever.  Also, the graphics of the game is very smooth to bring the movement of water is very smooth. Strategy

You can take your baby to the leaderboard quickly if you try to apply the following strategies. It would be best if you were ready to press the left mouse button to fire your opponent and keep the button constantly pressed while shooting. As a result, your ball will reach larger dimensions, and the damage is more considerable. It is your chance to get more bonuses than usual.

As mentioned above, there are always some fierce sharks waiting for you, so you must avoid them as far as possible before they bite your baby. If you suddenly recognize that you are too close to the sharks, you can shoot them. We have a better trick for you, that is moving as bait to other players and then quickly go away. The shark certainly had other prey to hurt. Controls

The player can easily find a standard and straightforward control while experiencing When it comes to movement, the WASD keys are useful to reach fast speed. You also click the left mouse button to fire the enemy with a bigger beach ball. Holding this button longer enables a sand block to be made.