Two Most Peaceful Beach Resorts In Asia

Two Most Peaceful Beach Resorts In Asia


Located in an ancient valley on the western edge of Phuket, Kamala, and Patong, The Naka will give visitors a peaceful space that is on contrary to the noisy lavish town. Due to its location near the coast, Naka will greet you with a whispering sound, salty scent of sea salt, and light golden sunshine.

This is the most daring design resort in Thailand ever by the brilliant brain of architect Duangrit Bunnag. All rooms of this 5-star resort are equipped with transparent tempered glass to have a sea view.

With this unique design, visitors can see the beautiful scenery around and mingle with nature. Each room also has a private pool for guests to have a private, comfortable space. In addition, Naka Phuket Resort also offers other services such as spa, bar, sauna, gallery, gym, etc.


Langkawi – also known as Eagle Island – is an archipelago located in the northwest of Malaysia, in the state of Kedad. Located 30 kilometers from the mainland, Langkawi is still quite original since it has not been influenced by the urbanization process. The resorts here are mostly built according to the architecture of rustic roof tile houses, not skyscrapers with four rigid concrete walls.

Two Most Peaceful Beach Resorts In Asia

Located in the “heart” of an ancient tropical rainforest, near the Andaman white sand beach in the northwestern tip, The Datai is like a “secret garden”, which is separated from the bustle of the city. Looking out from the resort, you can see the clear, beautiful blue beach. This is also an extremely ideal place for those who love nature and animals. Visitors can book a small tour to visit wildlife such as monkeys, eagles, hornbills, or participate in water sports.

If you have an opportunity to go to Asia, above are marvelous resorts you should choose to stay. Have a great experience!