Top best resorts in Europe (Part 1)

When you account for booking a resort vacation that is famous as being all-inclusive, it may be a bit far-fetched to go all the way to fabulous Europe. There are many sunny all-inclusive resorts near your home. Then, why should you move across the pond to experience your vacation? When being close to home, you may indeed find it to be more challenging to discover a resort that, reportedly, has not been Americanized yet. These that come with all the home’s comforts contained in one property. There are not many ways for you to get out to savor the surrounding culture.

Still, there may be little reason that European resorts attract American sensibilities amid a significant number of their vacationers to satisfy. That is why you can probably make a stay at resorts in Europe and appreciate its cultural experience.

Below are some of the top picks in Europe. There, you can vacation like Europeans, both off and on the beach.

1. Club Med Opio (Provence, France)

Many things are available for you to discover. This coastal region spans to the Alps from the Riviera. It is known for its lavender and wine, apart from beaches. The Club Med Opio resort is not far from Cannes. It takes only an hour for you to drive from Nice and Cannes. Thus, you can enjoy a day journey to the beach with ease. There are also tennis courts, a golf course, and a circus school that adults and children can pick up the arts of trapeze, juggling, and aerial silks. 

2. Vila Gale (Lagos, Portugal)

Vila Gale is considered a buzzing and sleek resort in the Algarve region’s heart. It features fashion-conscious design elements along with a location that is steps from the beach. It is affordable, as well. What a steal!