The most private resort in the world

The most private resort in the world

The tourism industry is currently growing strongly with a variety of leisure and adventure types. Investors are constantly exploring new, potential areas. Especially, many hotel and restaurant companies set privacy and tranquility as the top criteria to attract tourists.


The Namib Desert is about 2,000 km long along the Atlantic coast of Namibia – a country in Africa. Although not as big as the Sahara, Namib is considered the oldest desert in the world. There are many animals that are nowhere else to be found. Recognizing the great potential of Namib, Wilderness Safaris tourism company built a 90,000-square-meter Kulala wildlife sanctuary from the Sossuvlei sand dune.

Unique architecture

Little Kulala is the latest of the three resorts. More than 27 thousand hectares, Little Kulala will provide visitors with private, luxurious space. There are small apartments equipped with a modern swimming pool. Designed in a bold desert style, each house is built like a hut, with wooden roof tiles.

Little Kulala’s architecture is designed in a bold desert style. Even the resort’s restaurant is located outside to give visitors a rustic feel, blend with nature.

The interior

The interior uses neutral colors to bring visitors the rustic feeling of getting close to nature. What makes Little Kulala more special than other resorts is that there is a bed on the rooftop.

The most private resort in the world

Away from bustling cities, visitors will enjoy relaxing and quiet moments, admiring the beauty of immense and majestic nature.

Most of each room’s interior is made of wood in brown, white and beige tones, yet simple but luxurious.

In conclusion

Nowadays, people are extremely fond of desert resorts, hills, or unspoiled islands because they want to enjoy a wonderful, relaxing mind, without being bothered by the bustling city. Therefore, Little Kulala would be a great resort for you to enjoy.