The most expensive resort in the world

The most expensive resort in the world

Banwa Private Island, a new resort in the Philippines with a maximum capacity of 48 people, has room rates up to $ 100,000 per night.

Musha Cay in the Bahamas, owned by David Copperfield, costs $ 42,000 per night. Necker Island, the private island resort of billionaire Richard Branson, in the British Virgin Islands, requires you to pay $ 77,500 for each night of your stay.

However, these figures are still “modest” compared to the price of $ 100,000 per night of Banwa Private Island, a new resort in the Philippines.

So what’s special about the world’s most expensive resort?

Banwa Private Island is located on a 6-hectare island in the Palawan archipelago, 2 hours away from Manila by helicopter or seaplane.

On the island, there are 6 beachfront villas (one to 4 bedrooms) – all with private pools and jacuzzi. In addition, there are 12 garden rooms and a high-class suite. The resort can accommodate up to 48 people.

The most expensive resort in the world

Guests staying at the resort enjoy dishes with vegetables grown in the organic farm on the spot and fish caught from the Sulu sea around. Banwa Private Island also raises bees for honey. Wine prices here can be up to 36,000 USD / bottle.

Banwa has many exciting recreational activities including snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing, yoga and tennis. An island expert is ready to share local wildlife, including protected native species like Hawksbill sea turtles and Tabon birds.

The room price of 100,000 USD does not include travel costs from Manila, with 990 USD per seaplane or 11,580 USD return by helicopter. The resort’s request is a minimum stay of 3 to 5 nights depending on the time of year.

Banwa’s room rates are equivalent to the most expensive hotel rooms in the US, with $ 100,000 for the Empathy Suite room at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.