The most beautiful beaches in Japan.

Emerald Beach

This beach is located in Okinawa, very famous for its long white sandy beach and turquoise sea. Due to being located in a ferry lagoon, the waves here are also much softer than other beaches. Therefore families with children are completely assured when they come to this sea.

Emerald is always highly appreciated for natural beauty as well as the quality of travel services. You just need to stand on the shore and see the whole sea view will see a romantic scene, not only that this beach also has other corners that are suitable for “virtual living”. A plane ticket to Japan will definitely help you have the opportunity to have fun in these waters.

In addition, due to the long exploitation of tourism, the quality of service here is very good. Water activities such as swimming, diving are always attractive to participants. Also, near the beach area, there is also an oceanographic institute named Kurumi. Here you will have the opportunity to see the sea creatures typical of this sea with the feeling of true as I am walking on the ocean floor. Surely a trip here will make you more unhappy.

Shirahama Beach

Shirahama is located along the coast of the Izu Peninsula, southwest of Tokyo. With a length of over 800m and a stretch of white sandy beach, Shirahama beach is extremely loved by visitors. It can be said that water sports lovers should come here. Because Shirahama is considered a paradise for swimming or surfing.

Not only possessing a beautiful beach but also Shirahama has a charming and romantic surrounding landscape. In addition, visitors can absolutely visit Shirahama Jinja area with lots of hot springs. Surely this will be a place that cannot be missed when you travel to the sea in Japan.

The best time to visit this beach is from July to August, if the weather is good, you can go in September.

Ozuna Beach Kaisuiyokujo

This beach is located along the east coast of Shikoku Island. There are many interesting activities that you can enjoy while visiting this beach. First of all, it is the Awa Odori festival. This is a traditional festival of Japanese people with a history of more than 400 years. Participate in this festival, you will see the dance with air extremely exciting and passionate. This is also the reason that attracts many domestic and international tourists to visit Ozuna Kaisuiyokujo.

And if the village feels on Japanese beaches, surfing is very popular and popular, then when you come here you can see its origin. At this beach, there are professional surfing schools, surf shops and the most popular surfing spots in Japan.

Another interesting thing is the Caretta sea turtle museum here. Also, right on the beach, you can catch shore turtles that spawn from around May to August.