The Most Beautiful Beaches in Asia That Not Many People Know (Part 1)


Bored with familiar beaches like Bali or Phuket? Try visiting Phu Quoc, Okinawa or Goa to change! Here is a list of the most beautiful beaches in Asia that many people might not known yet.

Sometimes we deserve a vacation at the beautiful beach. You may think of familiar places like Bali, Phuket, Langkawi or even Batam – beaches are no longer interesting due to the noise and crowded or simply because you have been there too much. times. Do not worried! Below we will highlight some places to help you have a comfortable stay.

Southeast Asia

1. Koh Samui, Thailand

Goodbye Phuket and Krabi, and come to Koh Samui! Known for its beautiful natural scenery, from pure white sands, palm-fringed beaches to lush tropical forests, Koh Samui is Thailand’s second largest island.

Here outside the hotel and luxurious spa resorts attract tourists to relax during the holidays, there are also many attractions and indigenous activities that both children and adults like, like Marine Parks (ocean garden) and zip-lining (cable sliding) through the rainforest. There are also many other attractive destinations such as colorful Wat Plai Laem temple, walking street, bustling fishing village and sunny Chweng beach.

2. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

When thinking of the beautiful nature of Vietnam, the first places that appear in your mind can be Sapa or Ha Long Bay, not Phu Quoc – a tropical paradise located about an hour from Ho Chi Minh city . In addition to the beautiful natural scenery as well as pristine beaches, the historic sites and traditional fishing villages are scattered throughout the island, making it a perfect destination to explore and experience an indigenous living.

In addition, activities such as snorkeling, island hopping and bird watching are especially popular in Phu Quoc. So, don’t worry about finding something interesting to try, because you’ll be spoiled for choice on this island. That’s why Phu Quoc has beaches on this list of the most beautiful beaches in Asia.