The best beach resorts in the Caribbean

Cruise is always the strongest position in the smoke-free industry. With pristine beauty, tranquility, the Caribbean is always a major tourist attraction in the world. Here is a list of the best resorts in the seas voted by tourists.

Eden Rock, Bart Street

Located on Bart Street, Enden Rock is a resort of luxury, fame and originality. What makes a luxury resort on this beautiful Caribbean Islands? The highlight here is that Enden Rock has all 34 rooms, each with a unique interior design, unique pattern with stone walls and bathrooms under the hands of a talented designer. France Starck Philippe. You will especially enjoy the 3D art paintings and paintings placed in a large gallery. Here you can also show your talent in painting.

Jade Mountain, Lucia Street

When it comes to Lucia’s romantic path, surely the first thing you think of is the Jade Moutain resort. Set majestically on the highest part of the island, near the western coastal town of Soufrière, Jade Mountain is surrounded by hills. The resort’s architect and owner, Nick Troubetzkoy, built Jade mountain based on the harmony between the nature of the Caribbean island and the architecture of the building.

There are 29 separate suites and a large outdoor pool. Stepping inside of each room, you will be surprised because each room has only 3 walls that allow you to fully enjoy the cool, fresh air and wide views of the sea.

Couples San Souci, Ann Street, Jamaica

For those who want to enjoy the private atmosphere of the sweet honeymoon in Jamaica, the San San Couples Resort is a must not miss. Couples San Souci has all 150 rooms with a private beach, 4 outdoor swimming pools, along with gyms and premium spa services with mineral water baths. A special feature of Couples San Souci also has separate rooms built right on the precarious cliffs very nicely. In addition, the resort is also known for its luxurious entertainment area with 4 restaurants, 6 bars.