Bedarra Island Australia: Take a romantic paradise retreat

Bedarra Island Australia trip is astonishingly beautiful in Australia, peaceful at Bedarra Resort Australia – a romantic resort for travelers.

It is undeniable that Australia is considered as one of the countries favored by nature for its wild and charming scenery. In addition to the famous kangaroo image, Australia is also famous for many islands as well as the natural coastline that looks unlike other places in the world.

Named in the list of famous Australian islands, Bedarra Island Australia. There are many islands in the famous tourist destination of the Great Barrier Reef, but Bedarra Island is considered a very special place. This place, full of tropical natural scenery, makes visitors extremely ecstatic.

Bedarra Beach Australia is famous for being the most relaxing paradise and the most beautiful island in the country of kangaroos with the long rows of microscopic palm trees along the clear coast and romantic golden sand. It is also by the immense range of long palm trees that the land in this wonderful resort paradise is not eroded and swept away.

Bedarra Island is located about 7 km from the north coast of Queensland, between Townsville and Cairns, the nearest coastal town is Mission Beach. It is located between Islands Islands National Park. The granite island is part of the mainland before the highest sea level began 8000 years ago.

Bedarra is a continental island made up of granite boulders with steep granite slopes in the northeast and southeast.

The island is divided into three main parts. Part of the island includes the Bedarra Island Resort. The second area is East Bedarra including seven private resorts. The third part is the Bedarra Hideaway which includes an old 16-room resort that hasn’t been in operation since 1991.

Bedarra Resort Australia is Australia’s most private resort with wooden villas that will make you feel like you are lost in a secluded world to enjoy the pinic, cold wine with the sound of the waves. Tourists come here often take a dip in Coral Sea and relax at the resorts of Bedarra Island. One of the hobbies here is having an outdoor party that everyone feels happy with.

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Coming here, you can go to the interesting islands around such as Timana, Dunk … Or participate in other activities such as windsurfing, kayaking or playing tennis are the highlight activities in this wonderland. On the island there are a few walking paths for you to visit.